CO2 Roadmap is the fastest route from reporting the past to changing the future.

We all know that change is necessary: why not enjoy the ride in a friendly tool.

CO2 Roadmap is a climate leadership tool that will help you by bringing clarity, support, hope & relief.

We’ll guide you gently from climate complexity into your chosen, happy, carbon-free haven.

Here is what you can do with CO2 Roadmap

Calculate emissions
Make reliable CO2 calculations with reasonable effort (or something)See all calculator features »
Create the roadmap
Make a clear action plan to reduce your company’s climate impact.See all roadmap features »
Report and share
Explore and manage your climate data, create reports and share the progress. See all reporting features »

Our carbon footprint calculator is the first in the world to be based on a beautiful open source code.

Whatever the size of your business, you can start using it for free. Pioneers who register during 2022 will get one year license or first 6 months with -50% sale.

No commitments. Easy to try.

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