From the left: Designer Hanna Linkola, Senior Advisor Outi Ugas, Advisor Satu Åhlström, CEO Elina Levula and Developer Yusif salam-zade. Also in our team: Developer and Junior Researcher Inna Räsänen. Special thanks to Studio Pekka Piippo.


CO2 Roadmap has been developed by company called Positive Impact. We are a small Finnish company that knows how to drive big changes.

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You can email us athello@positiveimpact.fior find our personal contact details on Positive Impact website.

Who we are

We are sustainability professionals whose personal calling has been digitalized.

Many come to us burdened by the climate change and ecological crisis that we are facing. They find these issues hard to tackle. With CO2 Roadmap change feels possible.

CO2 Roadmap is a software with a deeply human touch. Not only do we work at making our tool more clever & intuitive, but we also see you. A person using our software.

We aim to summarize your unique situation by bringing past, present and future into the same picture and showing you the the fastest route forward → into the carbon-free future.