Flexible tool for companies of all sizes - especially designed for SMEs

CO2 Calculator – Collect data and calculate climate impact

Flexible boundary setting

Carbon footprint calculation starts with boundary setting. Our boundary setting tool gives automatic suggestion for calculation boundary based on your activity.

You can see what your boundary includes based on GHG Protocol scopes and value chain.

Consumption data management

After the boundaries are set, it's time to collect consumption data. Data collection structure and forms are established automatically based on your boundaries.

In the structure and forms you can see clearly what data is missing and what is all ready filled in your carbon footprint calculation. You can collect data monthly or yearly.

Reliable emission factor library

The tool gives default emission factors for your consumption figures, however you can also enter your own emission factors. You will get access to emission factor library used in the calculator.

After the consumption data is filled and emission factors locked you can calculate your results.

You will also get KPI's like carbon footprint per customer or carbon footprint per revenue.

Roadmap – Set targets and form the action plan

Target setting

Roadmap tool starts with setting your overall emission reduction target, for example -75% reduction by 2030.

After that you will get a chance to set more specific themes and targets for your roadmap. In the same time you can set KPI's that you want to follow in addition to emission reductions.

Action planning

Since the targets are set, it's time to plan your actions. Roadmap tool will give you suggestions for actions and you will get access to our climate action database which includes over 150 common actions that can minimize your carbon footprint or increase your positive impacts.


You will be able to give various settings and values for your actions, for example type of impact, time, person in charge, budget and status.

You can also add reminders for your actions. You can follow the execution of your roadmap easily by updating values.

Reporting – Follow results, report and share

Share your progress

Climate work should be shared and reported internally and externally. We want to make reporting and sharing easier with the reporting tool.

CO2 Roadmap allows you to follow your carbon footprint and roadmap development based on Greenhouse Gas Protocol scopes and categories.

Communicate with pictures

Reporting tool allows you to get visual infographics about your climate work.

Reporting tool also allows you to print out various documents like picture diagrams, slides and sheets.

Grow your business

The tool is designed primarily for SMEs but will grow with your business intuitively.

Please note that the feature settings vary based on your license.